The Light in the Forest

Posted by Josh on December 16, 2010 in Book Review |

For my book report, I read The Light in the Forest. The book started out when True son, the main character, had been captured by the Indians when he was four. Now he was fifteen, and had to be returned to the whites. He was upset to be leaving the Indians, which he believed to be his real family.

During his trip to go back to the whites, his Indian cousin, Half Arrow kept him company. After two days of travel to Pennsylvania, Half Arrow left him. When they reached the town, True Son and the other whites that had been captured by the Indians, stood to wait for someone to claim them. True Son was claimed by a man who came for him in the afternoon. True Son disliked his new home because it was enclosed and stuffy. Once, he even tried to escape but was caught by his Father and his Uncle. One night, an Indian peered through the window but his aunt scared him off. As soon as the coast was clear, he jumped out the window and found his Indian cousin, Half Arrow! The two boys embraced but their embrace was short. Half Arrow told him that their friend, Little Crane, had been scalped. And the person that did it was True Son’s uncle! When True Son went to ask his Uncle Wilse why he had scalped Little Crane, his uncle grabbed him thinking he was running away. On True Son’s call for help, Half Arrow set True Son free. Then together, they knocked him out to get away.

In the morning, the two boys escaped into the woods. When they were about half way back to the Indian village, they stopped. For three days they stayed in the woods to hunt and fish. On their return, they were welcomed greatly and True Son Finally felt happy. But soon, the story of Little Crane’s death made his relatives angry. So soon a war party was formed which included: True Son, his Indian Father, Half Arrow and his Father. Very soon, they got scalps from people who lived in a cabin in the woods. True Son was happy was happy to get revenge for Little Crane’s death. Finally, the party decided to use True Son as bait to catch people from an in-coming boat. But when the boat approached, True Son warned the people on the boat because he thought he saw his family. Realizing the betrayal, the Indians decided to burn him. But his Indian father came to his aid. Although, his father said he would have to go back to the whites. But this time, True Son did it happily. He had finally realized who his real family was.

I think the main point of the book was that you should not always believe everything. For example, True Son believed he was an Indian but this was not true. When reading the book, I felt sad when True Son had to leave his Indian family because he was sad. I learned that when a member of an Indian family died, they would adopt a white person in their place. If you’re thinking of reading The Light in the Forest, I highly recommend it! It’s a great book!

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  • Connie says:

    What I like about some of these stories is you learn about the way they lived and how they treated there people.

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