“One Nation, Under God”

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“We the People…”; This phrase is part the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.  Politics today are much like the politics of the American Revolution.  The government thinks that do what ever they want to do and have no concern for the people that they are supposed to be serving.  The government is spending millions of dollars, while we are on a deficit in the billions+.  The only difference from that time and now is that the people were speaking up.  Now very few people are speaking up and there are three major reasons for that.  Reason One: People take the attitude “It won’t affect me”, and ignore the situation, not caring.  Reason Two: Sports are the new politics.  As much as I like some  sports, people pay more attention to sports than politics, something that can change your life.  Sports can’t.  Reason Three: People believe anything the TV, newspaper, radio, or any kind of news says.  They could say the sky was green, and most people would probaly believe it.  This can also sway elections, because people will vote for whoever the news says to.  During American Revolution, people actually made up their own minds.  People don’t seem to do that anymore.

People need to wake up and make up their own minds for this coming election, because if they don’t, I can predict who the winner will be.  Christians especially need to vote for Romney.  Obama is trying to destroy the Church, and Christians are voting for him?!! This just another example of what when people listen to news, and don’t form their own opinons.

The election is next week.  Mitt Romney really needs to win, because if Obama wins, he will most certaintly tear this nation apart.  Romney is probably not the best candidate the Republican party could have nominated, but he is a ton better than Obama…, a world better.  And people need to vote Republican for the other election for the other offices too.  They need to vote this way, so Americans can keep their freedoms, and stay one nation under God.


  • Connie says:

    Very well written. That sure is my thoughts also. Where it says the government thinks that do. (should it be they can do)? Enjoy your articles.

  • Josh says:

    Thanks again for more proofreading remarks. Glad you share my thoughts, but why am I surprised!

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