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WHS Football History

From verbal history and first hand witness, it has always been clear that Alfred and Eddie redefined sibling loyalty. Through out their life they always supported each other. Like all Saba’s they fought but never held a grudge, tempers would flare up and cool down just as fast. One things was always true, never get … Continue reading »

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1928 WHS Basketball Team Reunion

Six members of the Windham High School, 1928 basketball team, which was the first Windham team to go to the state tournament, gathered at the Elks Club Friday for their classes 50th reunion. Shown from Left to Right are Max Heller, Edward Saba, Edward Meikle (captain), Francis Dillon, Morton Tinker, and Coach Tom Callahan.

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Stan Wawer talking to Sandy Koufax

I believe this photo is of a classmate of my Uncle’s (Alfred “Sonny” Saba, Jr), Stan Wawer.  Stan Wawer graduated from Windham High School.  In the picture Stan Wawer is talking with Baseball legend, Sandy Koufax.  I am not sure of the back story, I’ll try to get it though.

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Windham High School Basketball Articles

These articles are from another era, written about games in the 1920’s and 30’s.  The articles are all about teams with a Saba playing on them, I think they are all about Edward or Phosy Saba, though I haven’t read them all.  (click on the article to read them)              … Continue reading »

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1929-30 Windham High School Basketball Team

Back when Willimantic had more than one team for the various sports.  Pictured here are the 1929-30 City Champs, the West-End Basketball team.  Alfred Saba is in the back row, 3rd from the Right. Thanks to Mickey Saba for providing this photo.

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WHS Basketball starring Eddie Saba

While Eddie Saba was known for his feats on the football field, he also ruled on the Basketball Court…Windham High versus Hartford’s Bulkeley High…read all about it! (Date Unknown) More Articles with Unknown Dates.                                           … Continue reading »

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Windham High School Condolences 1986

Alfred M. Saba sang at my High School Graduation.  He was always involved with and supportive of Windham High School. It was nice to know his involvement didn’t go unnoticed.  

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WHS Has Picnic with Rockville

Eddie Saba played 3rd Base for Windham High.  

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