Return to blogging!

The time has come for me to return to this blog! My dad set it up for me four years ago, and while my little ten year old self had good intentions, she never followed through with really writing much! For the last year or so I’ve had the writing bug, working on a book and writing short stories and poems, so I thought it would be fun to finally do something with this blog.

I’ll be blogging about a mixture of my interests, from books and movies, to figure skating, and animals. I hope that there will be a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

Have a great day, and don’t forget to pop back around to see what I’m up to!

-Comment Girl

Bantam Chicks for 4-H

Benny Rooster
Benny the Rooster

April Hen
April the Hen

A few weeks ago, I got some bantam chicks for showing in 4-H shows. On March 31st, I got Benny and April¬† two 2 week old Belgian Cochin ‘s . They are now one month and a week and a half old. Benny crowd his first crow today on April 26th at nine-o-clock in the morning. Then three days later I got six more chicks at two days old. They are now three weeks old. Their names are Fiona, June, Pom-Pom, Danielle, Polk-a-Dot, and Susie. We are not sure what gender they are yet, but we based it on how they act.








Flying practice

Susie, the dozer

Danielle, the sweetheart

Pom-Pom, the jumper (and the eater)



Fiona, the acrobat

World Alive

The sun is shining,
the birds all flew.

A lion leaps high as
if to try to reach the sky,

which looks brand new.
Fish are swimming in the river blue,

a black bear is reaching he’s caught very few.
The rising sun makes the water glisten;

and, if you listen,
you”ll hear sounds you never knew.

By: Rachel S