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Recently, I read the last book of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle and it was by far the best book of the series.  The book started when two “friends”, an ape named Shift, and a donkey named Puzzle, saw something floating down the river by the waterfall.  Puzzle waded into the river to get it.  It ended up being a dead lion.  Shift decided to make a fur coat out of the lion’s skin for him.  Then he told puzzle that he could dress up as Aslan, and all Narnians would have to listen to whatever he said.  An argument followed, but Shift won because he was clever, and Puzzle wasn’t too smart.

Later on the last king of Narnia, Tirian, got word that the trees of Narnia were being cut down, and so the Dryads were being killed, and he learned it was the Calmorenes were doing it!  He commanded an army to meet him later on at the border of Narnia and Calmorene.  He saw that it was true that the Calmorene’s were cutting down the trees, and he was so mad he killed two of them who were using a talking Narnian Horse.  Feeling disgraced, he gave himself in to the Calmorene Army.  All the animals (and some Calmorenes) were at a stable on a hill and Tirian and his friend the Unicorn, Jewel, were there too (as prisoners).  That night, Tirian was led away from the stable and tied to a tree, and he could not see the fake Aslan come out of the barn and all the animals bowed to him thinking he was the real Aslan.

Tirian couldn’t realized that a terrible lie was beginning and this lie might destroy Narnia.  He called on Aslan for help and found himself in a room with seven other people.  He tried to speak, but he couldn’t and after a few moments, he found himself tied to the tree again.  Just then, two children appeared, and they were Eustace and Jill, who had both  been in the previous book.  They untied him and they started to run away from the stable where the army was.  They came to an old garrison where they slept and set out that night to rescue Jewel.  They dressed as calmorenes, and successfully rescued Jewel and captured the false Aslan.  They started back to the garrison when they ran into dwarfs who had been captured by calmorenes.  They killed the calmorenes, and freed the dwarfs telling them that the ape had lied and they showed them puzzle but they said that they didn’t believe in Aslan at all and all but one left them.  The one dwarf that stayed joined them and they planned to go and show puzzle to the other Narnians so they too would  know the lie.

They headed out that night, and arrived when the animals had gathered around the stable.  They were going to show puzzle when they heard the Calmorenes and Ape saying that a fake Aslan was roaming the land, a donkey wearing a lion skin!  They also said that Aslan and Tash (the calmorene god) were one!  This blew the plan of showing puzzle to expose the lie.  Everybody wanted to see Aslan, and the first to go was a cat, and he walked firmly in, but came flying out at top speed a moment later!  Tirian realized that the ape was going to murder every Narnian by making them go into the barn!  He jumped out of his hiding place and called loyal Narnians to his side.

Sadly, few came because most feared Aslan.  A battle resulted, but even though the Narnians put up a better fight, they were sadly out numbered.  After a while, all the Narnians were dead except Tirian and his original followers.  On their last attack, Eustace and Jill both got thrown into the stable and didn’t come out.  Tirian was the only one left and he fought the leader of the calmorene army, in the doorway of the stable, and they went and Tirian knocked the leader in and he saw Tash!  But he heard someone say from the back of the stable “be gone terrible monster”, and the monster left.  Tirian looked and saw the old Narnian Kings, King Digory, Edmund, Peter, and he also saw Eustace.  He then saw old Narnian queens, Queen Polly, Lucy, and he saw Jill!  They said to go get some fruit off the nearby trees, when Tirian realized, he wasn’t in the stable, he was in a beautiful grassland!

The others explained that they had come into Narnia when they were riding a train, and they felt something hit them, and they found themselves in Narnia.  He also realized that there was a door in the middle of the forest.  He looked through a hole and saw the inside of the stable.  At that moment, Aslan appeared.  He said that the time had come for the end of Narnia, and he walked through the doorway.  He called the stars backs home and night fell on Narnia.  Then every person who was bad, continued on in the darkness, but every person who was good, passed through the doorway.

Once everyone was inside, they closed the door, and Narnia was destroyed.  Everyone felt so happy, they just ran and ran, until they came to a castle.  Bugles sounded, and the gates were opened, and everyone in Narnia’s past whom they had thought dead was inside.  They found out that they were in Narnia, the real Narnia, the Narnia that was the perfect of the old Narnia.  The children feared they would have to go back to their world, but Aslan told them, that there had been a railroad accident (that was the jerk they felt) and they were dead in their world, so they could stay forever

I would give this a 5-out-of-5 star rating hands down.  It was the best book of the series, and I think it was the best book I’ve ever read.  I highly recommend this book, and I think C.S. Lewis did an incredible job with the book.

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  • Connie says:

    After reading what you wrote I think everyone would want to read it. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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