In Less Than 7 Months, The Avengers Will Assemble Again

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10 movies have been made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise and movie number six was The Avengers.  Now after four more movies, the Avengers will hit the big screen again on May 1st, 2015 in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  For this post, I’m am going to rate all the movies starting with my least favorite and finishing with my favorite.  So far even though 10 movies have been made they all continue to be excellent, funny, and very entertaining, so it has been very hard to say which one I liked most and which one I liked least.  Here are my ratings below; see if you agree with them.

10.  Iron Man 3

After the events of The Avengers, Tony Stark is dealing with panic attacks from his experiences in the movie The Avengers.  In the midst of his stress, new enemies arise, in AIM, which harbors the new Project Extremis, and the Mandarin.  After an attack that leaves a friend badly wounded, and all his armors destroyed or nonfunctional, it is up to Tony Stark, not Iron Man, to save the day, and save those whom he cares about.

Iron Man 3 was good but very different, since the conflicts of the movie where mostly Tony Stark fighting the villains, not Iron Man.  While that made it different, that is why I like this movie the least because the title character was not in the movie much, ironically.  Still, the humor, the action, and the storyline made the movie good, just not great.

9.  The Incredible Hulk

After an experiment that went astray causes Bruce Banner to become the Hulk, he has to stay on the run from capture from the U.S. Military for five years.  After five years in Brazil, Banner is found but twice is able to fight off the military before he is eventually captured.  As soon as he is captured, a new threat arises in the Abomination, and it is up to the Incredible Hulk to stop him, since he is the only one who can.

The Incredible Hulk did a much better job than the 2003 movie Hulk did in portraying the Hulk.  The Hulk is really just a misunderstood superhero, even though he can go on a rampage when provoked.  Still, although this film improved on previous portrayals, it still didn’t portray the Hulk correctly showing him as more of a monster, and only a hero only on few occasions and always “by accident”, but he was overall portrayed better.  Also, this movie was the first Hulk movie to have the Hulk fight a super-villain, which was better than what the storyline was in previous movie which was always Hulk vs. the U.S. Military.  Overall, the movie was decent and certainly better than any past Hulk film.

8.  Iron Man 2

After revealing to the world that he is Iron Man, Tony Stark finds out he is dying, and has less than a year to live.  In the wake of this realization, a new enemy arises, Whiplash, but whom Iron Man defeats.  Not long after, Whiplash is broken out of prison by Justin Hammer, the leader of Hammer Industries and a rival company of Stark’s.  Hammer gives Whiplash new technology and a new suit to help him deal with Iron Man, in return for giving him the secret to the arch reactor.  This time, when Whiplash attacks, Iron Man teams-up with War Machine, Black Widow, and his bodyguard and friend, Happy Hogan, in order to take his enemy down.

7.  Thor

Thor, prince of Asgard, son of Odin, is next in line for the throne, until his father casts him to Earth and strips him of his powers, due to Thor’s actions of rashness and disobedience, in attempt to teach him a lesson.  Meanwhile, his brother Loki takes the responsibility of the thrown when Odin falls ill, and starts to unfold a plot against Thor.  In order to stop Loki, Thor must learn his lesson so he can regain his powers and return to Asgard to save it from his brother’s schemes.


6.  Captain America: The First Avenger

Hydra, led by the Red Skull, uses advanced technology and the mystical cosmic cube, to start shifting the tide in WWII in the Nazis favor.  However, after a super soldier serum changes Steve Rogers into Captain America, he joins the war.  Captain America soon comes face to face with Red Skull when rescuing a captured army unit, but they meet again in a final showdown, in which neither will escape unscathed.



5.  Iron Man

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, lives in the public eye and loves the fame.  Things change though when Stark is in Afghanistan displaying a new missile he wants to sell to the U.S. Military, but the convoy is ambushed with Stark being wounded and captured.  Pretending to be building a missile for his captors, he builds a suit that enables him to escape and be rescued.  When he returns home he improves the suit and uses it to attack the terrorists who captured him.  Afterwards, he learns that these terrorists are in league with someone from Stark’s own company, and a friend, but someone Stark will have to stop by becoming Iron Man once more.

4.  Thor: The Dark World

Set after the events of The Avengers, Thor is busy bringing order back to the Nine Realms after the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge and the havoc his brother Loki has brought.  Once peace is restored, all of a sudden, an old enemy returns, Malikith and his dark elves who look to destroy everything in the universe, and return it to its empty state.  Using advanced technology and the aether, an infinity stone, the Dark Elves cause destruction in Asgard, and cripples it after an attack and then sets out to attack all the other nine realms.  In a desperate attempt for survival, Thor must call upon his imprisoned brother Loki for help stop their foes.

3.  Guardians Of The Galaxy

Peter Quill, nicknamed Star-Lord, is a human who was abducted by the alien Xandu and his henchmen when he was a kid, but now works for him.  One of Star-Lord’s missions is to steal the orb, and object that is coveted by many and its great power is unknown.  Star-Lord barely escapes with the orb after he is attacked by soldiers of the villainous leader of the Kree empire, an alien race, Ronan the Accuser.  Later on, an assasian named Gamora, working for Ronan, and a daughter of Thanos, the cosmic villian who was behind the alien attack on New York in The Avengers, sets out to take the orb from Star-Lord; however after both Gamora and Star-Lord are captured after a fight, along with Rocket the Racoon and Groot, by the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force.  They are sent to a Nova Corps prison, where the quartet also meet Drax the Destroyer.  After the five break out from prison, they find out what the orb really is, and must form an alliance in order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

2.  The Avengers

For the first time ever in film history, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow team-up to form the Avengers, at the time of a crisis, under request from Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD.  After Loki forms an alliance with Thanos and the alien race the Chitauri, and he comes to Earth, Iron Man and Captain America defeat him and capture him.  However, after the Chitauri invade New York by entering our world through a portal created by the Cosmic Cube, it is up to these six heroes to put aside their differences and team-up to save Earth.

1.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Trying to adjust to living in the modern world, Steve Rogers is trying to live a normal life, and has joined SHIELD to try and protect the world.  After stopping the pirate Batroc and his henchmen when they take over a SHIELD battleship, things start to go array and secrets start to come to light.  When a SHIELD colleague comes under attack twice by the mysterious Winter Soldier, Captain America has to try and stop him.  However, the next day the greatest enemy yet is revealed and it has been hiding in the least suspected place: right within SHIELD.

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