Good-Bye Amazing Spider-Man…Hello Spider-Man 3.0

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In February 2015, Marvel Studios and Sony came forth and announced that a monumental agreement had been made about the fate of the Amazing Spider-Man series.  The series, Sony and Marvel Studios announced, would be cancelled and rebooted and the character’s story reiterated, with the new Spider-Man series taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The series was cancelled mainly because of the mixed to negative reviews it got and franchise-low box office hauls.  Sony will still continue to finance, distribute, own, and have final creative control on future Spider-Man films.  This decision is exciting for many reasons.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man will be recast.

Andrew Garfield, despite what some people might say, was a horrible Peter Parker.  He didn’t fit the nerdy, geeky Peter Parker of the comics.  Rather, he portrayed Parker more as a skateboarding punk, who could be spontaneously brilliant at times.  The actor now replacing him, Asa Butterfield is a great choice, for he fits Peter Parker’s looks and personality astonishingly well.   I mean, in my opinion, anyone could be a better Spider-Man than Garfield, so they definitely couldn’t do any worse right?  I sure hope so.

The Amazing Spider-Man series was ruining and changing Spider-Man’s story.

Sony completely played with Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-Man films.  They completely changed well, just about everything about the Spider-Man saga…and not for the better.  They changed Spidey’s origin story, making it really corny, with him getting bitten by a genetically modified spider when he accidentally walks into a whole web full of them in a lab while sneaking around OsCorp, instead of being just simply bitten by a radioactive spider on a high-school field trip.  Also, all the villains were changed significantly from the comics.  Lizard was significantly bigger and stronger than in the comics and could also grow his tail back if it got ripped off (Spider-Man ripped his tail off and he grew it back immediately!), which he definitely couldn’t do in the comics.  Electro was not very believable, like he was in the comics.  In the comics, he was just a normal-looking guy in a yellow and green suit that could wield electricity, after he got struck by lightning when he was working on a power line.  Instead, the movie portrays Electro as a man that looks blue because of all the electricity inside of him, and that is so powerful he can destroy buildings and shut down the power of an entire city.  Also, again origin story made very corny as he got electrocuted when working on some power circuit in OsCorp, fell through the floor into a tank of huge electrically modified eels, gets electrocuted and bitten by them, burnt to a crisp, drowned….but somehow he lives and now has powers?  Really?  Come on, that is a wee bit ridiculous even for a movie.

They even messed up the storyline of the Green Goblin.  Instead of the first Green Goblin being Norman Osborn, he dies at the beginning of the second film of the “Osborn Disease” so his son Harry Osborn, who is supposed to be the second Green Goblin, becomes the original.  To make it even worse, instead of the serum that creates the Green Goblin just giving him super strength, durability, and making him become an all-out crazy psychopath like in the comics and the original trilogy, it also turns him into literally a goblin-looking creature.  Lastly, there is the Rhino (I mean if you got to ruin one villain why not ruin them all!).  Instead of the Rhino just being a regular criminal with a super-strong, bullet-proof hide, the movie portrayed him as a criminal with a humongous (I mean HUGE) metal suit, fully weaponized with missiles (what?) and machine guns.  I think all of these examples make it plain where and why the Amazing Spider-Man series went wrong.  They wrongly portrayed the characters, modifying their stories and making them completely ridiculous and unbelievable.

Spider-Man Will Now Be Included In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Previously, Spider-Man has been his own separate entity in his own separate cinematic universe, which was okay because he was always a loner in the comics, but think how much cooler he will be (if that is possible) now that he can be seen web-slinging and fighting alongside other heroes of the Marvel universe!  He is going to have that chance soon as he will make his premier appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War in 2016  In 2017, he will get his own standalone movie, the first of a planned three or four, that will, as rumor has it, see him tangle with Iron Man.  Including other heroes in Spider-Man movies and Spider-Man in other heroes’ movies will make Spider-Man cooler and even more lovable in the eyes of the audience.


Adding Spider-Man to the MCU and ending the Amazing Spider-Man series is a wise choice.  Marvel has done great with their past movies so far, especially in the way of casting and staying true to the comics, so Spider-Man will have his best shot at his story being done right.  Asa Butterfield will replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, which a good thing, for it certainly looks like he will be better in the role and hopefully the other characters in the series will be cast better than in the Amazing Spider-Man series too.  Now Spider-Man has a chance to appear on the big screen with other superheroes (both for a team-up and for battle) and to be shown in a new light, his normal comical manner from the comics, a manner in which past movies have never displayed the character.  I am not a big fan of reboots.  But in this case, excuse the pun, this series definitely needs to be re-spun.

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    A great writing. You do such a great job. Again you know I am not into that. But by far it isn’t as gory as Ant Man or who ever. At least this I could tolerate. The other one I would put my head in the sand.

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