Bantam Chicks for 4-H

Benny Rooster
Benny the Rooster
April Hen
April the Hen

A few weeks ago, I got some bantam chicks for showing in 4-H shows. On March 31st, I got Benny and April¬† two 2 week old Belgian Cochin ‘s . They are now one month and a week and a half old. Benny crowd his first crow today on April 26th at nine-o-clock in the morning. Then three days later I got six more chicks at two days old. They are now three weeks old. Their names are Fiona, June, Pom-Pom, Danielle, Polk-a-Dot, and Susie. We are not sure what gender they are yet, but we based it on how they act.








Flying practice
Susie, the dozer
Danielle, the sweetheart
Pom-Pom, the jumper (and the eater)
Fiona, the acrobat

World Alive

The sun is shining,
the birds all flew.

A lion leaps high as
if to try to reach the sky,

which looks brand new.
Fish are swimming in the river blue,

a black bear is reaching he’s caught very few.
The rising sun makes the water glisten;

and, if you listen,
you”ll hear sounds you never knew.

By: Rachel S