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Presented by Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rimar & Family

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Edward, Alfred, Phosy Saba

After the last post I go to thinking and remembered that I had 4 old pictures of the brothers three.  I ferreted around and found them!  I have no background information on these pictures.  From the uniforms I would guess these were school pictures, possible military school in Syria?  I don’t think that is the case since all the boys were born in Willimantic, CT.  I’m trying to get the Arabic translated perhaps that will shed some more light on where/when these were taken.

Edward Saba

Edward Saba


Alfred Saba

Alfred Saba


Alfred and Phosy Saba

Alfred and Phosy Saba


Phosy Saba

Phosy Saba


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3 Sons, 3 Brothers

I’m not sure where this would have been taken.  From Left to Right, that is Alfred, Edward and Phosy Saba, ages unknown.


Fadlou seems to have written their names in Arabic Which is pretty awesome.  If anyone can translate the sub titles I would really appreciate it!


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1929-30 Windham High School Basketball Team

Back when Willimantic had more than one team for the various sports.  Pictured here are the 1929-30 City Champs, the West-End Basketball team.  Alfred Saba is in the back row, 3rd from the Right.


Thanks to Mickey Saba for providing this photo.

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The Palace Five!

Cira the 1920’s or 30’s, Phosy Saba played on The Palace Five Basketball team


Jean Hall (D), William Monroe, Phosy Saba, Jacob Mandell (D), Harry Levine (D) (here)

Martin Viullermet (here, here, here), Norman Williams (here), Alvin Gallagher (D) (here, )

The only reference I could find for the Willimantic, Palace Five was here and here.  From the articles the Palace Five was still playing in 1936.  Thank you to Mickey Saba (Phosy’s son) for providing this photo and some of the background.

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Walt Dropo Autograph

Phosy Saba knew a lot of professional players but Walt Dropo (1/30/1923 – 12/17/2010) was different.  A “local” guy who attended the University of Connecticut where he was a three-sport star at UConn in the 1940s and one of the greatest athletes in school history.   Walt autographed this photo for Phosy while playing for the Boston Red Sox where he won the 1950 American League Rookie of the Year award.


You can read more about Walt Dropo here.


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