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Mystery Mal Speech, Do You Know Him?

Posted by on April 10, 2020

I found this fascinating letter recounting the an adventure with someone called Mal. I have verified a few facts in this account. Stillman’s Gym is famous and real! As is Whittie Bramstine, who is actually Whitey Bimstein a famous Boxing Trainer. The one I am not sure about is Max Burger, “the Middleweight Champ of the World”. Given the tendencies of this period to use nicknames my best guess is that Max Burger is actually Freddie Steele, who was born Frederick Earle Burgett. He was a champ, so Max, and Burgett was either misspelled or Burger was a nickname.

Given that this sounds like a true account. Not sure if it was Alfred or Eddie who wrote this, my guess is it was Eddie.

If anyone know please post a comment or get in touch! Here is the written speech:

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