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WHS Football History

Posted by on April 11, 2020

From verbal history and first hand witness, it has always been clear that Alfred and Eddie redefined sibling loyalty. Through out their life they always supported each other. Like all Saba’s they fought but never held a grudge, tempers would flare up and cool down just as fast. One things was always true, never get between them!

In on of the article below I learned something. Alfred was the Manager of the WHS Football team! An athlete himself but not a football player he found a way to support his brother and be involved!

I improved the quality of these as best I could, I think I did pretty good since they date back to the late 1920’s. One is from 1927, the others I think are earlier. In the first one Eddie is 16 years old!

Coach Tim Callahan of the Windham High School’s undefeated football team, believes that he has uncovered a real prospect in the above youngster, one “Sheik” Saba, an American youth, who has just passed his sixteenth birthday.
The youngster, while he is still lacking in much football knowledge, possesses a natural ability as a kicker and has performed in that capacity with distinction all sason. With two more years under Callahan’s direction, great things are looked for and Saba is expected to develop into a stellar gridiron performer.

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